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A number of readers have requested that I share my own story. I guess if you're going to ask others to open up and give personal details about their lives, it makes sense that I do the same. While I'm not totally comfortable with that...my story is listed first.

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Doug D.

I've loved sports my entire life, even playing Rugby at the college level for Arizona State University (ASU). I remained a bachelor until I found the woman of my dreams; unfortunately that took me almost 40 years.

hCG for Weight LossAfter meeting Tina, I knew she was "The One" and I spent the next few years convincing her of it. The time I once spent at the gym, I now spent with her. This was my choice, and looking back I should have eliminated something besides my workouts.

Over the next few years my weight slowly inched up about 5 pounds each year. Suddenly I found myself 40 pounds overweight and my doctor giving me a hard time to lose weight.

I tried several popular diets to lose weight. They all worked to a degree, but not for long. Each damaged my metabolism a little more and after a few years, I gained an additional 10 pounds!

My blood pressure had skyrocketed to 170/105 and my doctor warned me that if I didn't lose weight soon, she would no longer prescribe the pills for my ADD. Then I had an occular migraine (a migrain in my eye) caused by my high blood pressure - what a wake up call!

I looked at everything diet related on the internet and came across the HCG Diet. It looked interesting, but I wasn't sure about taking hormones - especially if they were intended for pregnant women. Now I think women are about the most beautiful thing in this world, but I'm 100% man and want to keep it that way.

After examinging everything I could about HCG, I decided to give it a try. I knew several people that had achieved spectacular results with the diet, why not give it a try. I am truly greatful I did. I did only one cycle and lost over 42 pounds.

More importantly, the weight remains off and I feel like I can eat like I did back in my 20's. The diet did change my eating habits - lots of fruits and veggetables and very little fast food. It wasn't completely easy, but I can't say that it was particularly difficult either.

What I liked most: fitting into vast wardrobe of old "skinny jeans."

What I liked least: seeing pictures of "fat" me from my wedding.

Best Tip for Others: follow the diet exactly and don't improvise.


Pam P.

Pam started the diet because her husband, a physician, had heard incredible stories about the HCG Diet. After investigating it thourouglhy, Pam decided to give the HCG Diet a try.

Pam had damaged her metabolism so much from yo-yo dieting that the physician recommended that she do 7 full days of fat loading. Pam struggled with this first stage, but managed to gain almost 6 pounds in her first week.

Pam moved to phase 2 and started to rapidly lose weight. Upon the completion of the 40 day cycle, she lost a total of 24.6 pounds. Her weight bounced around some in the phase 3, requiring her to do a "Steak and Apple Day." This special diet day caused her to shed 5 pounds and evened out the variations.

Pam completed all of her phases and began a second cycle of the HCG. After losing over 24 pounds, she looked like a new woman, but she really wanted to get down to her ideal weigh. A second cycle was completed and she accomplished every goal she had set for herself. She is now an inspiration to everyone around her - especially her husband who was so happy with the results that he started the program himself. He didn't actually follow the program for weight control; HCG has some other benefits, but that's a whole different story we won't start here.

What I liked most: losing almost 25 pounds in about a month.

What I liked least: the variety of vegetables was limited and somewhat boring.

Best Tip for Others: save the apple for the end of the day since they are so filling.

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