HCG Diet Secrets

One of the most important secrets of the HCG Diet is to follow it strictly and avoid cheating - not even a little bit. While cheating won't ruin the diet, it will set you back - typically about two days. While at first thought this may not seem like much, it is much larger when you consider the diet is, at most, about 40 days long.

The Top Mistakes Made on the HCG Diet:

hCG for Weight Loss

Alcohol and the HCG Diet

Alcohol is NOT allowed until HCG Phase 3, do not drink while on the diet or you will not achieve the results you'd like!

In response to your requests, I have shared my own hCG weight loss story - which is also my motivation for this website. hCG Weight Loss Stories

Skipping or Skimping on Loading Days

After the first dose of HCG, the protocol requires dieters to eat as much as possible for the first few days. Many people don't understand that this "Loading Phase" is critical to their success and will either skip it or not eat as much fat as required.

This happens primarily because it is counterintuitive to eat lost of fat in order to lose weight. This loading phase allows the body to replenish structural fat that will be depleted with weight loss. Properly loading allows your body to prepare and will help ease much of the emptiness and hunger that results from not loading.


Mixing Vegetables in One Meal

"Pounds and Inches" is very clear about not mixing vegetables in one meal; however, because some people CAN lose wieght while violating this rule, it has become popular to violate this rule.

If your body can tolerate mixing vegetables in one meal, you're one of the lucky people. If you seem to struggle losing weight on the HCG Diet, this may be the problem!


The HCG is clear about avoiding strenuous exercise, but many individuals just can't kick this good habit. Dieters should avoid all strenuous exercise until they are within about 10 - 15 pounds of the goal weight.

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