HCG Diet Phase 2 Tips

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HCG Diet Phase 2 Tips

All foods that are not listed are forbidden and no variations whatsoever are permited.

The 100 grams of protein must be carefully weighed raw after any visible fat has been removed. Any foods listed may be ommitted, but the 500 calorie limit cannot be exceeded. Calories not eaten cannot be carried forward from one day to the next.

HCG Phase 2

The meals may be broken up and eaten throughout the day, but the daily ration of 2 breadsticks or 2 fruits can never be eaten at the same time. HCG should be taken daily, missing more than one day will lead to problems. The chicken breast cannot be substituted with turkey or other fowl, nor does it mean a wing or a drumstick of chicken.

Kitchen Scale

To accurately weigh portions you must have a scale that is accurate to one-tenth of an ounce. Using grams is a more accurate method than ounces (28 grams = 1 ounce).

The diet must not exceed 500 calories per day; equally important are the sources of the calories. While there are many fruits and vegetables that are not on the diet that have equal or lower calories, they cannot be substituted for those listed on the diet. Pimiento peppers, okra, artichockes, pears and turkey are examples of this.

Because of its higher fat content, red meat shouldn't be eaten more than once per day.

The diet works for the small elderly grandmother, the same way it does for the giant young linebacker. This happens because the pathway is the same - the dieter is living off their fat reserves instead of the fat that is eaten.

HCG Diet Personal Care Products: HCG makes the body very reactive to fats. It becomes so sensitive to fats that even the application of fats through lotions, moisturizers and even make-up must be eliminated. No medicines or cosmetics other than lipstick, eyebrow pencil and powder may he used without special permission. HCG Friendly Products

HCG  Injections

23 Shot plan
125 I.U. of HCG daily (except during menstruation) ui injections every day. 

40 Shot Plan
125 I.U. of HCG daily (except during menstruation) ui injections, 6 shots per week with 1 day with off (no shot).

After 3rd injection, 500 calorie diet to be continued until 72 hours after the last injection.
Duration of treatment is 26 to 43 days (23 injections or 40 injections). Continue 500 calorie diet for 72 hours (3 days) after last injection).

After injection period + 72 hours - For the following 3 weeks, all foods allowed except starch and sugar in any form (be careful with very sweet fruit). 

Next 3 weeks, very gradually add starch in small quantities, always controlled by morning weighing. 

HCG Drops are also available for those who don't like injections.

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