Where Can I Buy HCG?

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, HCG, is a prescription medication available from pharmacies while under the direction and supervision of a properly licensed and knowledgeable medical professional.

We recognize that many members of our community have followed the HCG Diet without the supervision of a physician. The primary reason given for this is financial; however when asked, few of these same individuals have any idea of what a licensed professional would charge.

Regardless of how small the difference in pricing can be, we strongly support the HCG Diet under the supervision and direction of a properly licensed medical profesional. Don't risk getting ripped off, buying contaminated product or putting black market products of unknown potency into your body. This is, after all, about your health.


hCG for Weight Loss

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We are providing the contact information of medical professionals that have been recommended by our community. This list is only a resource to help you simplify the process of finding a professional. It is not an endorsement or recommendation for any provider whatsoever.

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Please submit your recommendations to topdoc@hcg-diet.org.

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hCG for Weight Loss


Your Recommendations

Is there someone you'd recommend who's not currently in our HCG Provider Directory?

If so, please provide us their contact information (e-mail, phone and mailing address required) along with the details of your experience and why you're recommending them. We'll review the information for possible inclusion in our directory.

Minimum requirements for considration:

1. Licensed medical professional.

2. HCG Diet Protocol is a primary focus.

3. Minimum two years experience.


Send your recommendation to: info(at)hcg-diet.org (please use @ symbol)


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